How to

Create a great brand with development and design

We are all too familiar with the iconic symbols (or logos) that represent the great brands in the world. Brands like Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple are instantly recognised by their logos and we not only know what product or service they represent but we identify with what they mean to us.

These logos are refreshed quite regularly but their essence always remains the same, so we know a lot of thought went into the symbol itself and what it represents. When we initially create a brand it is not only the name that needs to identify us with who we are, but also the symbol that represents us.

Develop a personality!

This name or symbol is part of the development of the brand and is often derived from the type of service or products the brand represents – like a food product will usually depict something quite healthy – but a fast food outlet like McDonald’s decided to use something to say that it is a fun place to be!
A sports equipment brand may well be a bat or ball, but it can also be represented by a great sports person’s name…and so it goes on, we need to decide not just on what we are selling or doing, but what represents the personality of the brand! Your brand should reflect what your company stands for, what you hope to achieve, and what sets you apart from your competitors.

About a great logo design

Having done that, we need to bring in the design element to create the symbol or logo itself. A logo needs to tie in with the personality that we have decided upon, but this is not always so obvious. There are 3 types of logos that represent a brand in very different ways…

The obvious

– This is a logo that directly ties up with the name, but doesn’t necessarily describe it – like Shell and the aforementioned Apple logo.

The hidden

– Here a closer inspection of the logo is needed to reveal the business. A great example of this is the SAA logo, which at first glance looks like a flag, but on closer inspection depicts the porthole and the horizon!


– Here the style of the design and the colour are the main factors – like the classic font used to depict flow in the Coke logo.

Design should permeate throughout your communications and marketing

Great design can have a positive impact on how your brand is perceived and beautifully designed graphics, layout, and illustrations can help build your image. Logos, packaging, and other visual identities related to your brand should communicate your message to your target market.

In a world of creative design, we focus on your brand

The World Focus approach allows us to focus on your specific needs by making sure that the designs are custom built to suit your promotional and marketing requirements. Our creative team stays up-to-date with popular design trends, tools, and techniques to enable high-quality results.
These creative individuals will provide you with up-to-date concepts and ideas to create or spruce up your brand identity, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to start to create or refresh your brand – after all, creating a great brand is about development and design!