How to

Design a Great Logo

It will come as no surprise to anyone that an essential part of any brand is the look and feel of the logo, or ‘’symbol’’ that represents the brand. This symbol should attract customers and be memorable, and, most importantly, tell them something about who you are and what you mean.

This can be done in undeniable ways, but the tendency amongst the more prominent brands is to have a logo that is a little more subtle but which ultimately becomes an iconic symbol indelibly etched in the hearts and minds of their customers.

Developing and designing a great logo can be a complicated process, but if you are just about to start a new brand, here are just a few essential points to remember.

Develop a good brand identity

You need to decide what is the personality of the business for whom the logo is being developed. There are many industry types. Are you in the business of beauty, food, sports or a restaurant? The logo you choose could depict something relevant to your industry, but remember, as we stated in a previous article, the logo does not need to be a literal representation of the business.

Remember, the Apple company, which is in the business of computers and smart devices, have a name and logo that is an Apple – and Nike, who are in the sales of sporting goods, just have that unforgettable tick!

It is imperative that the client developing the logo and the designer do some serious soul searching together into what the brand logo should stand for. A really good Designer will ask their client what they envisage for the brand going forward, who they want to attract, how they see themselves positioned in their industry etc.

Colour and fonts count too

Are you a fresh casual, lively lifestyle business? The logo needs to be designed accordingly – with a fresh, colourful look and feel. Bright, cheerful colours would be appropriate, like reds, yellow, orange, pink or light blue or even multiple rainbow colours that reflect playfulness and fun. You could choose a font with round edges and a nice flow to it.

Or is your business a serious corporate firm or a professional one like a Legal entity or a doctor? Well, the chances are you will need a more professional and serious look at the logo design. You would probably choose more conservative colours like black on white or grey – or navy blue, a colour they say that reflects reliability. Your font would be a serious one – bold or traditional looking, not frivolous or playful.

In essence, with both the development and the design of the logo, the personality of the business is essentially what needs to be reflected in the look and feel of the logo.

Align with current trends

Look at those around you and what they are doing. What is your opposition doing? What are the great logos that seemed to have worked for years? You will notice that even those with the best logos like Apple, Nike and Coke are constantly refreshing them. What they are doing is observing the latest trends and then updating accordingly.

Remember that trends in design are changing every day and Professional Designers know the latest trends in logo design and layout. You should trust them to impart these ideas to you and apply them to your brand.

Use the best designer

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